Chen Dandizi 陈丹笛子

Chen Dandizi’s practice includes video, installation, photography, and literature. There are always alienated emotional experiences expressed in her works. Through the use of cool colors and gloomy tones, she tries to reveal the loneliness of individuals in our current urban life. The artist’s independent life away from family since childhood has left her a calm attitude towards the relationship between herself and her family and society in general, while also shaping her sensitive perspectives in the observation of specific individuals. The link between the artist and the Other and Elsewhere could be seen as her imagination -- a narrative fantasy that completes the release of emotions through projecting herself into unfamiliar objects.

Classical films and literary works are an important inspiration for Chen Dandizi. Using montage edits, cuts, and juxtapositions, the artist either creates new content separating from the original background sets, or positions original plots into daily life. She enables the classics the ability to transcend time and space, thus staging dialogues between them and the present.

Chen Dandizi was born in Hezhou, Guangxi, China 1990. Since 2007, she has been living in Guangzhou. Chen received her BA degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Guangzhou, China) in 2015. Chen’s recent solo exhibitions have been presented at the Guangdong Contemporary Art Centre (Guangzhou, China). Chen has also exhibited at Capsule Shanghai, (Shanghai, China), Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, (Shenzhen, China), Canton Gallery, (Guangzhou, China), OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (Shenzhen, China), Mexico National Culture Digital Centre (Azcapotcalco, Mexico), and The Ninth Asian Student Photography Contest (Chengdu, China).