Down The Rabbit Hole

11 January - 18 April 2020

Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.”


- The Cheshire Cat


Capsule Shanghai is pleased to present Down the Rabbit Hole, a group exhibition of recent works by Cai Zebin, Guo Cheng, Kong Huidong, Maya Kramer, and Alice Wang, on view from January 11th until February 14th.


The world must be romanticized. In this way its original meaning will be rediscovered. To romanticize is nothing but a qualitative heightening. In this process the lower self becomes identified with a better self. (…) Insofar as I present the commonplace with significance, the ordinary with mystery, the familiar with the seemliness of the unfamiliar and the finite with the semblance of the infinite, I romanticize it.”


- Novalis


Down the Rabbit Hole invites viewers to question notions of the familiar and the mystical. Like Alice entering the rabbit hole in Lewis Carroll’s novel, the exhibition articulates a space that should not exist in reality yet is present — a perception of the world that goes beyond the superficial.


* The show will close in February with the listening session If We Had Radio Antennas For Ears by Alice Wang. Date and further details will be announced soon.


Cai Zebin (Born 1988, Shantou. Lives and works in Beijing and Shantou). Recent solo project at Paris Internationale, Paris (2019). Recent group exhibitions at Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou (2018) and Shanghai International Sculpture Park, Shanghai (2018). Next solo show at Capsule will open in May 2020.


Guo Cheng (Born 1988, Beijing. Lives and works in Shanghai). Currently in a group exhibition at UCCA Dune, Qinhuangdao, and solo exhibition at Canton Gallery, Guangzhou. Recent group exhibitions at Power Station of Art, Shanghai (2019) and Today Art Museum, Beijing (2019).


Kong Huidong (Born 1995, Handan. Lives and works in Rome). Currently at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, MFA Painting. Group exhibitions at Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church, Rome (2017) and Galleria d’Arte Augusto Consorti, Rome (2017).


Maya Kramer (Born 1977, Washington DC. Lives and works in Shanghai). Recent solo exhibition at Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai (2018). Recent group exhibition China Art Museum, Shanghai (2017) and at UNArt Center, Shanghai (2019).


Alice Wang (Born 1983, Xi’an. Lives and works in Shanghai and Los Angeles). Currently in a group exhibition at OCT-Loft, Shenzhen. Recent solo exhibition at Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles (2019) and performance at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2019). Next solo show at Capsule will open in November 2020.