Duan Yingmei | Room 100 Opening and Study Session

2019.02.21 - 3.12

Capsule Shanghai is pleased to announce Duan Yingmei's participation in the Spring 2019 project of the NYU Shanghai gallery, “Room 100”


The first art objects in this series is introduced by Michelle Hyun, Director/Curator of the NYU Shanghai Art Gallery.


The project consists in interactive studies of different objects presented by galleries, collectors and artists. In the first iteration, students interact with the photo documentation of one of the Beijing East Village Artist's most iconic collaborative performance pieces, including Nine HolesTo Add One Meter to an Anonymous Mountain, Yingmei on the Weight, 10 Artists and the video documentation of the performance, realized in 1995. These pieces will be on public display at the NYU Shanghai Gallery from Feb. 21 till Mar. 12, 2019. 

February 20, 2019