Chen Dandizi | OCAT Screening

2016.12.23 - 12.31

OCAT Screening: Rhythm Analysis
Curator: Cao Fei

Participation Artists: 3D Group, Jiang Zhi, Zhou Tao, Zhang Jia Ping, Hu Xiangqian, Cao Fei, Ou Ning, Lei Lei, Wu Chao, Feng Huo, Zhu Jianlin, Liu Jiawen, Lin Aojie, Sun Wenhao, Lai Zhijie, Chen Dandizi, and Peng Wenbiao
Time: December 23-31, 2016
Opening Conversation: 3 pm, December 23, 2016
Show Location: OCAT Shenzhen Museum - Library

"OCAT Screening" has been an annual OCAT Shenzhen Pavilion event since it was established in 2009. Curated by the well-known artist Ms. Cao Fei, the theme of the 2016 "OCAT Screening" is "Painting Inner Sound", and five sub-themes: 1, "Invisible hand, disappearing body"; 2, "Pearl River Delta, Water"; 3," Urban and rural areas, space, system"; 4," Lingnan urban emotion". The theme of "Painting Inner Sound" embodies Cao Fei's thinking about the inner structures of image art, and it can further be understood as her interpretation for the deep meanings behind the works.

The works selected for the 2016 OCAT Screening Project include documentary films by veteran documentary filmmakers such as Zhou Hao, Cao Dan and Huang Weikai; the records of famous artists such as Jiang Zhi, Zhou Tao, Zhang Jia Ping, Hu Xiangqian and Cao Fei; the works of cross-cutting artists Ou Ning, Lei Lei, Wu Chao and other experimental animators,; and finally, Feng Huo, 3D Group, Zhu Jianlin, Liu Jiawen, Lin Aojie, Sun Wenhao, Lai Zhijie, Chen Dandizi, and Peng Wenbiao. The authors of these works come from all over the country, but each are in their own way involved in the torrent of Chinese contemporary image creation; their birth years span from the '60s to '90s, a gap of up to 30 years. These writers bear different life experience and aesthetic purposes, and have created different narration patterns and image styles by writing and narrating in the language of "image". Most of these works are based on the Lingnan Pearl River Delta region, but through the authors' sensitive touch and lens language, shown in the background are themes of globalization and China's rapid social transformation. Ultimately, these artists are different individuals with different flesh, experience, and mental states, and strive for a construct that transcends general geo-cultural thinking and imagination.

December 16, 2016