Qin Jin, Chen Dandizi, Alice Wang | Modern Art Base: The Modern Look (Part I)

2017.04.22 - 06.03

Capsule Shanghai is pleased to announce the participation of Qin Jin, Chen Dandizi and Alice Wang to the exhibition of Modern Art Base The Modern Look (Part I).


The opening exhibition of Modern Art Base

Address: Modern Art Base, Jianguo Middle Road, Bridge 8 Creative Park, Shanghai

Time: April 22 - June 3, 2017


“The Modern Look” invites two dozen artists from China, Asia, and the rest of the world to reflect on the place of photography in contemporary art through the relationship between the camera and the muse—the picture and its reality, so to speak. The exhibition continues LEAP magazine’s 2016 investigation into the state of the contemporary muse, a concept no longer to be understood simply as an alluring feminine presence in the life of the artist but rather something exploded entirely. The muse draws on art, popular culture, fashion, family portraiture, and documentary photography, combining all of these genres into a nebulous presence that lingers somewhere between the human and everything else. As the opening exhibition of Modern Art Base, the project collects photographs produced throughout Asia and the west over the past 30 years from the territories of art, fashion, and portraiture. Photographers featured have been critiqued in LEAP or commissioned by Modern Weekly, and share a cutting edge look at the camera’s subject. Large-format prints and digital images are supplemented by a selection of important first-edition photobooks, constituting a reading room at the heart of the exhibition.

April 30, 2017