Alice Wang | 'The First Horizons of Juno' at MASS gallery in Austin (TX, USA)

2016.09.16 - 10.22

Alice Wang is participating to the group show The First Horizons of Juno at MASS gallery in Austin (TX, USA)

The First Horizons of Juno is a thought-experiment in aesthetics without patriarchy. An homage to the histories of women’s material culture and feminist science fiction, the exhibition begins in an imaginary future …

Some time from now, another people arrives (after ours). They will not know hierarchies, whatever those are. They will not divide between genders, sexualities, nor skins and hairs, whatever those are. Natives to their own landscape, theirs will be another horizon.

These people (let’s call them Juno, though we don’t know what they call themselves, if anything) looked at their beginnings. They looked for clues to their origin and they found things made by their ancestors, who created but never distinguished values between earth and body, between stone, metal, or fossil, between peoples.

They will choose to share these objects with each other in what you may call an exhibition. (Though our language does not suit theirs.) Things of Juno move pasts and futures. Maybe you see the past as behind and the future ahead. But there’s no need to.

The First Horizons of Juno is curated by Ariel Evans and C.C. Marsh. Its artists are: Christina Coleman (Austin, TX), Jane Hugentober (Los Angeles, CA), Candice Lin (Los Angeles, CA), Karen Lofgren (Los Angeles, CA), Christine Rebet (New York, NY and Paris, FR), Alice Wang (Los Angeles, CA), and Chantal Wnuk (San Diego, CA). Set textiles created by Veronica Giavedoni (Austin, TX).

September 16, 2016