LeeLee Chan | Duddell's exhibition: The Preservationists

2018.11.25 - 03.11

Capsule Shanghai is pleased to announce Leelee Chan's participation in Duddell's Exhibition: The Preservationists, curated by Ingrid Pui Yee Chu.


Exhibition: 25 Nov 2017–11 Mar 2018

Opening Reception: Fri 24 Nov, 6–8pm, Performance at 7pm
RSVP to programs@duddells.co


'The Preservationists' brings together multidisciplinary works by eleven artists based in Hong Kong or connected to the region.


All of the artists are informed by their surroundings, and in ways that manifest materially in their practice. Their works—sourced mainly from local and international collections—highlight the richness of Duddell’s architectural construction and particular feng shui arrangement through materials the artists use including ceramics, ink, marble, paper, textiles, and wood that can also be found on-site.


In forgoing grand narratives for the primacy of the tactile and tangible these ‘Preservationists’ intermix classic, quotidian, and pseudo-modern forms using various material, methodological, and concept-driven approaches. They also ground viewers among the same aesthetic, physical, and experiential space their works inhabit, thus providing enriching interactions while raising questions about how their works reflect and respond to Duddell’s, and by extension Hong Kong as it continues to evolve.


'The Preservationists' includes collected, existing, and newly commissioned works by James Carl (Toronto), Leelee Chan (Hong Kong), Dong Dawei (Beijing), Hu Fang (Beijing/Guangzhou), Josh Kline (New York), An Te Liu (Toronto), Andrew Luk (Hong Kong), Aniwar Mamat (Beijing), Sterling Ruby (Los Angeles), Song Dong (Beijing), and Tang Kwok Hin (Hong Kong), as well as a free limited edition printed inside the pages of the Duddell’s newsletter. An opening night performance and other public programmes will also take place throughout the exhibition.


'The Preservationists' is curated by Ingrid Pui Yee Chu, a Hong Kong-born curator and writer, who with Savannah Gorton is Co-founder and Director of the non-profit commissioning organisation Forever & Today, Inc.




November 17, 2017