Wang Zhiyi|‘Intention’ Book Launch


On the occasion of Art 24 Hours on May 26th, Capsule Shanghai is pleased to invite you to our gallery for the release of Wang Zhiyi's new artist book “Intention”. 


The book, printed in a limited edition of 200 copies, juxtaposes the rich and highly saturated colors of the exhibition “Meaning” by using two main spot colors (yellow and silver) paired to black ink to reinterpret well-known kinetic illusions and effects familiar in Optical Art. 


By applying special printing methods such as overprinting and chromatic reduction, the artist has redesigned 21 traditional patterns, which form the main content of the book, inviting the readers to concentrate on the image and remove the visual interference caused by the abundance of colors. “Intention” and “Meaning”, respectively the titles of the artist book and the exhibition, are thus intertwined, emphasizing the distinctive fascination with graphics in our life.



Copies: 200

Concepts: Wang Zhiyi

Design: Cherry Chou

Graphic Editing: Feng Ruihua

May 22, 2018