Mevlana Lipp 梅夫拉纳·利普

Mevlana Lipp (b. 1989 Cologne, Germany. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany) is deeply fascinated by the natural world in its pure state, as well as in the space it occupies in the human imagination. To Lipp, the curling tendril of a vine, the rounded form of a seed pod or the gentle swaying feathers of a crinoid become signifiers of complex sets of emotions and experiences, communicated in a language outside of human linguistic codes. Part semiotic metaphor part primordial creatures from the deep, the organic organisms in Lipp's artwork reach out across time and consciousness to whisper about where all things began.
- Text by Layla Leiman in ArtMaze Magazine, 2019
His solo exhibitions include Haptic Memory (2022, Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai, China); Pacific (2021, Plus One Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium); Fluidum (2020, Andersen's Contemporary: The Other's Space, Copenhagen, Denmark). He has participated in group exhibitions at PM/AM Gallery, London, UK (2022); The Hole, Los Angeles, USA (2022); Workplace Gallery, London, UK (2021) and Tick Tack Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2020), among others.