Lee Lee Chan 陳麗同

Leelee Chan’s sculptures are almost always comprised of dumpster detritus and mundane objects not generally considered worth preserving. Fuelled by the impulse to question these objects’ status and value, the artist imaginatively explores their transformative potential and manipulates each item according to their unique qualities. She purposefully integrates found objects with natural and industrial elements of household items such as artificial plants, asphalt, floor tiles, and concrete while preserving each material’s own dignity. Her sculptures evoke Modernist architecture, bold and austere yet embedded with playful and meticulous details.


Lee Lee Chan was born in 1984 in Hong Kong. She received her MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 and her BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Her work was exhibited internationally including Tai Kwun (Hong Kong), Neptune (Hong Kong), Artemis Project Space (York, UK), The Dorado Project (New Jersey, USA), Flux Factory (New York, USA), Parallel Art Space (New York, USA), Tompkins Projects (New York, USA), Horse Trader Gallery (New York, USA), The Three Season Gallery (Chicago, USA), Sol Koffler Gallery (Providence, USA). Her work has been covered by Art Asia Pacific, Cotonoha, Hardzine Magazine, Bushwick Daily, Art F City, and The Providence Journal.