“ Inspiration is expressed through intuition. If something comes to you through intuition, you cannot go around looking for it. You can do nothing but rely on your own perceptions. If you have to force out inspiration, all you will get is a dull idea based on formal logic. For me, one means and material is as good as any. Whether it is appropriate is the key question. For a piece of artwork, scrap paper and gold are both good materials, it depends on how you use them. ” — Jiang Li

Jiang Li’s artistic practice is highly varied, including readymades, painting, installation, video, etc. He creates art from momentary thoughts, dreams and transient feelings in life. His art is a monologue of here and now, spoken by himself. Jiang’s works show humor, simplicity, sarcasm, variety, freedom and disguised observation in a strong and unique way. 

Jiang Li was born in Jinhua, China in 1985. He currently lives and works in Beijing. His recent solo exhibitions include: PUT IT IN - Jiang Li Solo Exhibition (2018), Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai, China; Showerer (2017), KANYABERLIN, Berlin, Germany; Girl (2015), CAFA International Gallery, Beijing, China. He also participated in Historicode: Scarcity and Supply - The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival (2016), curated by Lu Peng, held at BJL Museum, Nanjing, China.