Yan Xinyue 闫欣悦

Yan Xinyue lives and works in Shanghai, China. In 2018, she received a master's degree in painting from the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp. Yan Xinyue's exhibitions include Capsule Shanghai (2019, Shanghai, China), Kunstpodium T (2019, Tilburg, Netherlands), A+ Contemporary (2019, Shanghai, China), Flemish Cultural Center Brakke Grond (2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands), Cité internationale des Arts (2017, Paris, France), Parc International Cévenol (2017, Chambom-sur-Lignon, France), Art Space (2015, Shenzhen, China), Sabaki Space  (2015, Guanzhou, China). Her works and interviews have been published in British art magazine, Art Maze, and Italian art magazine, Loom-est.


Yan Xinyue's work draws inspiration from various peoples in a rapidly-developing city to express ordinary city-lives through drama. Yan Xinyue's paintings intertwine different spaces and volumes as she intentionally places her paintings in clear narratives to invite viewers to interpret and enter an open, imaginative space. Yan Xinyue explores the possibilities that paint holds through painting with a sadistic attitude to subvert the current, momentous reality and find amusement in contemplation.