Fleeting Memories and Written Notes

23 December 2016 - 23 February 2017

The Capsule Shanghai 2016 Winter Show “Fleeting Memories and Written Notes” brings together the artistic practices of two of the most talented and original figures in China today: Qin Jin (b. 1976 in Guangzhou, currently lives and works in Guangzhou) and Chen Dandizi (b. 1990 in Hezhou, currently lives and works in Guangzhou). Despite sharing a strong bond as teacher and student, these two artists have both chosen highly independent and uncompromising personal and artistic routes that have allowed them to navigate the realms of the real and the imagined, the dreamy dimension of memories, and the mysteries hidden in daily life with the same intensity of interest. 

On this occasion, Qin Jin will present videos, installations, pencil and watercolor drawings, as well as a spatial intervention specifically conceived for the gallery space, which develop her personal reflections on the incessant passage of time and the notion of the artwork as a personal process of growth rather than a mere visual result to share with others. Memories and what they inspire are incorporated into her art in direct and indirect ways, making these works unique for both their delicacy and potency. 

Chen Dandizi shows video, installation, and photography works that combine an intimate, microscopic dimension with perceptions and misconceptions, and factual and fictional aspects of a feminine world at large. Her black and white video pieces reveal the artist’s fascination with the cinematic language, incorporating stills of films by French master Jean-Luc Godard and an original script written by the artist herself.