Alice Wang | New Artist Book: An Atlas of Outer Space


To accompany Alice's solo exhibition at Visitor Welcome Center, her new book, Alice Wang: An Atlas of Outer Space, published by Sming Sming Books, will launch at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, April 11-14, 2019. She will also host a public reading at Visitor Welcome Center. 


For several years, Alice Wang’s mantra was: “the Earth is plummeting towards the Sun but missing it.” An Atlas of Outer Space is an idiosyncratic undertaking of mapping the infinite, projecting the artist's mind light years away. It becomes a way to bring faraway celestial objects into our earthling realm and onto the pages of a book. Just as the memoirs of astronauts Wang voraciously reads, this book builds a bridge to a (yet) unreachable space. With this collection of images, Wang can insert her own consciousness into the world in which we live in. She suggests infinity within the very defined space of a book, giving her and us the possibility to physically hold it in our hands. Introduction by Anna Milone. 


March 14, 2019