Leelee Chan | Notes From Pallet Town at UCCA Dune

2019.09.22 - 2020.02.23

Capsule Shanghai is pleased to announce Leelee Chan's participation in the group show Notes from Pallet Town at UCCA Dune.


From September 22, 2019 to February 23, 2020, UCCA Dune presents "Notes from Pallet Town," showing work from Leelee Chan (b. 1984, Hong Kong), Guo Cheng (b. 1988, Beijing), and the artist duo of Jingfang Hao (b. 1985, Shandong province) and Lingjie Wang (b. 1984, Shanghai). The "Pallet Town" of the title refers to the hometown of the protagonist of a 1990s Japanese video game and anime series. In a certain sense, the built environment in China is close to achieving the futuristic, idyllic sheen found in the background of such cartoons, yet the deeper implications and potential by-products of such a perfect image warrant further exploration. In "Notes from Pallet Town" participating artists deliver reports from imagined utopias, asking viewers to re-imagine the structures underpinning contemporary life. Their work foregrounds technology, but pointedly uses it as a means to highlight natural phenomena or illusions, revealing moments of unexpected beauty. "Notes from Pallet Town" is specifically curated in dialogue with the unique architecture and setting of UCCA Dune, designed by Li Hu and Huang Wenjing of OPEN Architecture, nestled in the sand by the Bohai Sea in the Aranya Gold Coast Community, 300 kilometers from Beijing. Continuing UCCA Dune's curatorial focus on art examining the relationship between the human and natural worlds, the exhibition is curated by UCCA Head of Exhibitions Guo Xi.

September 17, 2019