On November 9, 2016, DEDODESIGN Architects presented Edible Cities Pop-Up Event curated by Nunzia Carbone.

Residents of Lane 275 on Anfu Lu actively took part in a pop up event involving food, art, education, urbanism and lane life. Families and children were in conversation with designers and teachers from Tongji University. Edible plants wall installations and latex balloons filled with seeds were installed in the lane and released into the sky.

Later, at Capsule Shanghai, visitors received seeds envelopes and cocktails made with ingredients from hydroponic farms in Shanghai.

EDIBLE CITIES is a response to the food challenges due to the world’s urbanization process and environmental issues. Nunzia Carbone and DEDODESIGN ARCHITECTS(DDA) aim to re-design the underused spaces of Shanghai and transform them into functional green spaces for urban farming where people can grow their own food and participate in the life of their community.


About Nunzia Carbone and DEDODESIGN

We are also proud to announce the collaboration with Nunzia Carbone as the designer of Capsule Shanghai.

Nunzia Carbone is the principal and founder of DEDODESIGN Architects, the award-winning collective of designers, makers and creatives based in Shanghai and London. Since its foundation in 2001, the practice has developed a diverse international body of work including cultural, civic, residential, and commercial projects, as well as master planning exercises.

Committed to sustainability and design innovation, Carbone has received multiple accolades for her research based living architecture project Ediblecities. The Triennale Museum in Milan is currently showcasing her work in the international exhibition “21st Century Design after Design”. Carbone’s projects have received extensive coverage in the New York Times, Domus, Dwell, and other global media. DEDODESIGN Architects regularly experiment with innovative ideas and building technologies to express a highly contemporary, 21st century aesthetic.


November 24, 2016