Duan Yingmei | Dreamwalking Manchu Shaman mythology ulabun on the black earth

2017.10.13 - 10.23

Duan Yingmei brings the public into Han Xiaohan’s music of "gaxan melody" through an interactive live performance & music and art lecture. 

The event is part of the 5th Up-On International Live Art Festival.


“Dreamwalking Manchu Shaman mythology ulabun on the black earth”

Interactive live performance & music lecture

Time: October 15, 2017, 19:00-21:00

Venue: Academic Lecture Hall, School of Architecture and Design, Southwest Jiaotong University (Xipu Campus)  

Artists: Yingmei Duan & Han Xiaohan 


Han Xiaohan (b. 1974) is the heir of Manchu ulabun music on the black earth. "Gaxan melody" is one of his four musical plays adapted from Manchu Shaman myth, and traditional “Holy Songs” series from ulabun. He’s a musician and composer of contemporary music that adopted northeastern Asian folk music elements, the heir of Manchu ulabun music and founder of "abka"musical group. Between 1996 and 2002, he formed the band “Plag of the Doom”. At that time his music was known for its poetic lyrics, smooth aesthetic melody, and concern for true emotion of the underclass. Since 2003, Han Xiaohan has been committing to the study of Manchu traditional music and recreation based on its original structure. In order to research into mythological Manchu Shaman music, he has been visiting dozens of remote Manchu villages in three provinces in Northeast China and inner Mongolia autonomous region, and he’s making some field recordings there. As the Manchu culture and music are going unknown and disappeared day by day, Xiaohan insists on learning Manchurian language, and he has been making a great deal of experiment, mix, and integration on his music creation. Finally, Xiaohan created four musical Manchu mythological tales according to the lyrics of traditional “ulabun” (Traditional Manchu Folk Music that combines talking and singing).

October 15, 2017