Duan Yingmei | M+ Live Art: Audience as Performer

2018.06.01 -06.03

Capsule Shanghai is honored to announce Duan Yingmei's participation in Audience as Performerthe inaugural exhibition of M+ Live Art, the museum’s first series dedicated to performance art.


Audience as Performer highlights and unpacks the concept of the live body in visual art through compelling performances from local and international artists.  Spread over three days, M+ Live Art: Audience as Performer features live performances by five artists from Asia who engage directly with the viewer, shifting the role of the audience from passive witness to active participant. The performances aim to redefine the relationships between the personal and the social, the individual and the collective, and the artist and the audience. By offering collaborations in new and open-ended works of art, these performances act as a catalyst to spark curiosity and inspire the public to build social bonds through interaction and participation.


Duan Yingmei continues the exploration of personal conversations and introspection through her unique artistic approach. Duan was part of the groundbreaking Beijing East Village group of artists and has since dedicated her practice to performance art. Fascinated by human behaviours and social conventions, Duan observes primal instincts such as desire, fear, and love through her individual and collective performances. Created as a situational experiment, her work My Hong Kong Friends involves leading the audience on a personal journey that offers intimate encounters, encouraging social connections and thoughtful perspectives.


Duan Yingmei's Performance My Hong Kong Friends will be performed on:

2 June (Sat) | 12:00-1:30pm
3 June (Sun) | 1:30-2:30pm





May 18, 2018