Alice Wang | The Whales Took You - Group show at PØST, LA

2016.10.08 - 10.29

PØST is pleased to present the group exhibition The Whales Took You  co-curated by Shagha Ariannia and HK Zamani, in the intersection of dream and not dream, chance and not chance. Included will be works by Shagha Ariannia, Abigale Collins, Brian Doan, Roxy Farhat, Alice Wang. 


Swimming in the dark of the ocean to drown
In the waves of fear, battling for a breath

Of stuffed animals in the sand
That’s too hot to walk while monkeys stare to the ocean

Thought of the physical darkness itself
through the winter of glass bells and pink

Was difficult but a dime and a fix
The relationship between the fragile poppies

Strewn across the field of flies
Under the ashes of your cigarette and blow
By blow, meeting the ice.


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Wednesday – Saturday, 12 pm – 6 pm
Thursdays until 9 pm
Reception: Saturday, October 8, 7 – 9 pm


1206 Maple Avenue, #515
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

October 8, 2016