Art Basel | China: six must-see exhibitions

Fiona He, Art Basel, March 30, 2021

Chinese artists are placed center stage in shows across Beijing and Shanghai.


For their first exhibitions following the Lunar New Year, galleries in Beijing and Shanghai are shining the spotlight on Chinese artists. Through painting, sculpture, installation, and video, these artists contemplate unique aspects of the human condition - from our relationship with mundane objects to absurd, idealized beauty standards.


Alice Wang
Capsule Shanghai

Through May 8, 2021

In her artistic practice, Alice Wang (b. 1983) explores the fusion of the rational and subjective aspects of consciousness - a theme which, in this exhibition, is applied to our understanding of both land and space. Sculptures take the form of fossils from the Jurassic period found in Eastern Europe cast in stainless steel, as well as iron meteorites found in the Egyptian desert. The video Pyramids and Parabolas II (2021) revolves around the Crab Pulsar, a relatively young neuron star and one of very few pulsars to have been identified by the human eye. Elsewhere in the show, a table displays a constellation of a prism, air plants, fluorescent pink thread arranged in an isometric grid, handmade white-gold tiles, and a Crooks radiometer. Each of these pieces are united through a recurring, reflexive component: that of the mirror. With a background in both art and science, Wang never loses sight of the human connection to and perception of the universe.