Ocula: What Are Galleries Showing at West Bund Art & Design 2023?

Ocula, November 1, 2023
Founders and directors at Capsule Shanghai, MAKI Gallery, gallery rosenfeld, Don Gallery, ShanghART, and Zilberman give an early glimpse into their booths at this year's West Bund Art & Design fair from 9 to 12 November.
Enrico Polato, Founder of Capsule Shanghai, Shanghai
I'm excited to present Wake (2023), a work from Chris Oh's new series. Painted on an iridescent abalone shell, the work depicts a detail from Mater Dolorosa, painted by Dieric Bouts workshop's ca. 1470–1475, whose face filled with pearl-like tears emerges from the iridescence of the shell's colour-filled nacre. Evoking the formlessness of the sea and the potentiality of creation, it also carries a primordial history as an emblem of life and the nature of being.
Concurrently with the art fair, we will open Oh's first solo exhibition in China at the gallery in Shanghai.
Alice Wang's most comprehensive institutional solo exhibition of a survey of her sculptures, films and photographs opened recently at UCCA Dune.
At West Bund Art & Design, we will showcase three sets of sculptures that are a continuation of her ongoing research on quantum computers. The paired porcelain sculptures, one a highly reflective black, the other with a cracked white surface, are connected by their twinned shapes and the optical effects they produce.