Frieze | Critic's Guide: Shanghai

Andrew Stooke,, November 8, 2017

With the ART021 and West Bund Art and Design fairs opening this week, a guide to the best gallery and museum shows in the city.


"Anfu Lu is expat strip in Shanghai, an artery of Western treats for the visiting international - and urbane Chinese flâneur. Capsule Gallery sits at the end of a lane off the main drag. A door in a wall leads to a secluded garden. Opening on to this patch of green the gallery's bright space - even the floor is gleaming white - has the feel of a pimped up longtang home. Flipping the dynamic of this setting, the exhibition documents work made at Practice, a meeting place for international artists, founded by expat Chinese artists in New York. 'Does the meaning of life reside in studying other cultures and reflecting on one's own?', asks curator Cici Wu. From the evidence of the exhibition the convivial environment at Practice fostered tender indulgences such as Xinyi Cheng's portraits, appreciative of swarthy white men, or Seon Young Park's appetizing arrangements of rainbow-coloured food."


By: Adrew Stooke

Andrew Stooke is an artist and writer based in Shanghai.





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