ArtReview|Five to see in Shanghai

Fi Churchman, ArtReview Asia website, November 10, 2017

Scraggly Beard Grandpa, Capsule, 4 November – 22 December


On a lighter note (and also just around the corner), this group show has been curated by Cici Wu and Wang Xu of New York-based Chinese artist collective PRACTICE, who are showing 12 artists under the premise of what it means to communicate across borders, languages and national identity (though we’re still unclear on what the title means). Particularly appealing here are Hong Kong-based João Vasco Paiva’s The Last Kauai Oo Bird I & II (both 2017) in which Nike trainers carved out of Hawaiian lava stone – watered by the gallerist each day to see if they sprout some greenery – is accompanied by an audio track from the 1930s playing the mesmerising calls of the now extinct Kauai O’o forest bird.





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