ArtReview Asia|ArtReview Asia’s pick of exhibitions to see this winter: Part II

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The same might be said of Wang Haiyang, whose explorations of the weird, the erotic and the weirdly erotic continue at Shanghai’s Capsule Gallery this November. There Wang will show three videos and two sets of drawings. One of the new videos, an animation titled Party in the Anus (2018), features an androgynous figure (although if pushed I’d say certain bulges indicate male) in a black bodysuit, high heels (red) and a wig (peroxide blond), dancing inside a moist anus. The theme of the absurd is further pursued in The City of Dionysus (2018) in which human figures (sometimes with alien heads) force their way through sites of urban destruction and construction. Now there’s someone who is steadfastly raising the standards of nonconstructive production! 



*Excerpted from Winter 2018 issue of ArtReview Asia 

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