Wang Haiyang

Double Fikret

As the backbone of Wang Haiyang's second stop-motion animation work entitled Double Fikret, the artist stages a pair of twin elder males sporting handlebar moustaches, whose look teeters between that of various historical political figures. Assuming political discourse is founded on the uniqueness of symbols and binary dialectics, then the twin forms conceived by Wang Haiyang embody a desire for pluralistic referencing. Double Fikret tackles the theme of how to cultivate this kind of referential network, not unlike chemical binding. The pomegranate depicted in the work, its structure resembling a polygon mesh, is one of the driving visual forces that help unfurl the work in its entirety. The artist makes a drooping tree burst out of a sheep's abdominal cavity. After the fruit from the tree is split open, two pristine red seeds settle and sprout into nipples. In the subsequent cascading sequence of images, these objects are endlessly deconstructed, their shapes oscillating between figurative and geometrical structures. The entire work endlessly unfurls within the spatial confines of two sandpaper sheets. It's as if the task of Wang Haiyang as a director is to equip every sentient being with their respective prosthesis.