Wang Haiyang

The City of Dionysus

Framed within the background of a disappearing village, the video chronicles real unsettling events of a found corpse narrated by a voice-over and blends them with a group of animated watercolor drawings exploring the chaotic associations between sexuality, social disorder, and spiritual intoxication. A hallucinatory journey into the lives and deaths of people living on the fringes of our society, the video exposes sensual, impulsive, and emotional aspects of human nature that escape reason. To complement The City of Dyonisus, the Untitled series of watercolours is a whimsical collection of human and post-human creatures emerging out of watery splashes of color. As the figures morph and blur into each other, Haiyang’s work plays on the idea of metamorphosis and evolution, the process of turning from representation to abstraction, from reality to imagination.