Working across diverse mediums including moving image, photography, performance and installation, Yao Cong intends to respond to questions of how the body and landscape are manufactured and deconstructed today, and how the collective can influence an individual's mentality through emotions and morality. In the context of the Anthropocene, Yao Cong’s practice gradually enters a new fluid, hybrid structure, and points to the uncertainty of desire, anxiety and power.


Yao Cong (b. 1992 Xi’an, China) currently lives and works in China. He received his BA in Intermedia Art from China Academy of Art in 2014 and his MFA from the Royal College of Art in 2017.


Yao Cong’s works have been exhibited extensively. Recent exhibitions include: Flies beyond the Clouds, Capsule Shanghai (Shanghai, China, 2021); Golden Flow - Beijing Contemporary Art Expo (Beijing, China, 2020); Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival (Hangzhou, China, 2019); Holographia: 2018 International Art Festival, Times Art Museum (Beijing, China, 2018); From/To: the Frontier of Chinese Art Education (San Francisco, USA, 2018); VIDEONALE.16, Kunstmuseum Bonn (Bonn, Germany, 2017); Loop Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain, 2017); 8th International Contemporary Art Fair ARTVILNIUS (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017); 14th Beijing Independent Film Festival (Beijing, China, 2017); 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athens, Greece, 2017) among others.