Yao Cong | Artist Book “A Mountain Of Closeness”

We are pleased to announce Yao Cong’s limited-edition artist book A Mountain of Closeness 01 is now available for purchase at Capsule Shanghai. The book includes photos and writings from the artist's journey, during which he made the works that constitute his solo exhibition Flies beyond the Clouds. Respective texts from the artist’s show are also included in the book.


Mountain of Closeness 01 was released at the end of the exhibition but serves as a starting point of this project. It is a first person account of the life behind the scenes through scattered photographs and writings linking the threads of the journey. An overview of the solo exhibition and documentations are included in the appendix.


Mountain of Closeness is a series of projects. It begins in Northwest China with its innumerable links with Yao, containing and supplying the artist’s long line of practice. It is a continuous, decentered journey of seeking and unravelling the motif of place “place” from “scenery”, translated to “body” and “fatherhood” in the context of the Anthropocene’s overlapping growth in contemporary civilization. Mountain of Closeness 01 is made of paper stitched through bare back sewing. It contains 96 pages of writing in English, Chinese and 47 pictures.



By: Cong Yao

Editor: Cong Yao

Design/Typography: Juno Chen

Proofread: Zhiyi Zhou, Chen Fei

Special thanks: Capsule Shanghai

September 25, 2021