Sarah Faux|Artist Book ‘Vore’

"Vore", a zine released by Capsule Shanghai, lends itself to bedtime reading. A collaboration between New York based artist Sarah Faux and Philadelphia based Johanna Povirk-Znoy, "Vore" weaves together watercolors with intimate, sometimes explicit handwritten vingettes. Subtitled "Lessons on Absorption", 14 collages and scattered drawings by Sarah accompany fragmented memories, thoughts and fantasies written by Johanna. The book is bound in the appearance of a notebook, and reading it is like peeping into a diary. "Vore" invites readers to walk into the body, desires and a deep connection between color and emotion that both artists share. One might relate to the feeling of absorption in the zine directly or simply float in and out on your own parallel stream of consciousness.


The zine is published on the occasion of Sarah Faux’s solo exhibition: Pucker, on view from June 23 to July 23, 2018.


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July 3, 2018