Art Asia Pacific | What's Up in Shanghai: May 2020

ArtAsiaPacific, May 8, 2020

As Shanghai eases its Covid-19 measures, art institutions have been slowly re-opening since mid-March, with several staging exhibitions addressing the current state of events. Precautions such as temperature monitoring and face masks are still in place, and some spaces are by appointment only. Here is a selection of the shows to see for the new season.


Inspired by Victor Brauner’s surrealist painting The Encounter of 2 bis rue Perrel (1946), itself paying tribute to the post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau, this exhibition of recent works by Cai reveals the inspirations behind his practice and ideologies. One highlight is Revisit (2019), featuring three figures donning black latex wetsuits with their mouths wide open on a banquet stage, referencing the classic Three Graces motif. In addition to paintings, small drawings depicting Cai’s creative process are also on display.