ArtAsiaPacific | What's Up in Shanghai August-September 2020

ArtAsiaPacific, August 12, 2020

It's summer in Shanghai, and while there are still Covid-19 cases being reported, residents are otherwise enjoying their daily lives. Many museums and galleries have staged new exhibitions. Here are some shows to check out for the next two months:




The first solo exhibition of emerging artist Yan Xinyue showcases a series of paintings from the past two years, presenting vignettes of everyday life in the metropolis. The works, featuring figures in bright, saccharine colors and patterns are both intriguing and slightly disturbing. In paintings like Glasses Crisis and The Souvenir #1 (both 2020), of a server with a tipped tray of glasses and a shirt printed with a skeleton riding a bicycle, Yan captures fragmented moments of daily precarity and horror.