OCULA | Shanghai Lowdown: Best Exhibitions to See

Elaine YZ Zheng, OCULA, November 9, 2022
As the once-lively Shanghai prepares to welcome Art021 and West Bund Art & Design (10-13 November 2022), Ocula Magazine shares notable exhibitions taking place across the city's museums and galleries.
For his first solo exhibition in Asia, Mevlana Lipp recreates an Eden after dark where mystical botanical-plant reliefs recall the purple-and-green hues from the mythological universe of Hulu Wa (Gourd Brothers), an 1980s animation originating from Shanghai.
Mystical fauna and flora-inspired beings are depicted with sandy textures, translucent hues, and titles such as Shimmer (2022) to replicate sensory experiences that visualise human affect.
Jolting the memory to our primordial relationship to nature, the near-transluscent, green-toned flower in Genesis (2022) opens its petals to reveal a purple stream reaching into a black ground.