Dovetail Mag | Mevlana Lipp Haptic Memory

Kate Mothes, Dovetail Mag, November 20, 2022

Mevlana Lipp shows an uncanny Eden


In works that hover between painting and relief sculpture, Mevlana Lipp is interested in the perception of depth, texture, and color, especially influenced by the natural world. Acrylic paint in a vibrant palette accentuates the contours of cut wood in abstracted, uncanny botanical shapes. Curving tendrils and trumpet-like petals appear as if glowing or viewed in the negative, illuminated from a mysterious source and harboring an uncertain tension or darkness within. Sometimes symmetrical, the plant-like forms take on the likeness of fountains or mystical fonts in nighttime paradise garden and are grounded by backgrounds of rich velvet that, like dark water in a pool, distort and absorb the surrounding light.


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