Modern Weekly | Alice Wang

Modern Weekly, December 6, 2017

"Most of Alice Wang’s exhibitions so far are titled by her name, while most of her work is Untitled. As a “Science Geek”, Alice is obsessed with chemistry, biology, geography, and astronomy. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and International Relations from the University of Toronto. This background has enabled her work to have a rich vocabulary that draws from an interdisciplinary knowledge source, which is distinctive among the new generation of female artists. Alice's work ranges from sculptures, drawings, videos, prints, and experimental films—among which the exploration of sculpture reflects her strong interest in materials as influenced by science. In 2017, Alice has experimented with a diverse range of materials such as iron meteorite, ceramics, Mimosa Pudica, and mist, all of which has entered into the language of her art practice. Alice’s artistic creation, the transformation of materials via scientific means, harks back, to a certain extent, to the medieval alchemists. Alice had her first solo exhibition in China in 2017 at Capsule Shanghai, and released her first artist book Untitled (2017, Capsule Shanghai + Sming Sming Books). Next year, Alice will have more exchanges with China. She will be a Visiting Assistant Professor at New York University in Shanghai starting in the summer of 2018; meanwhile, since she resides in Los Angeles, Alice also hopes to promote artistic exchanges between the cities. Alice is also working with the artist Ben Tong to establish an outdoor exhibition space called The Magic Hour ( in the desert near the Joshua Tree National Park in California. She is planning to invite artists to present their work in the unique climate conditions of the desert landscape. Each exhibition will last for 6 weeks."