JingArt 2021

10 - 13 June 2021 

Capsule Shanghai is delighted to participate in JINGART 2021 with an exhibition of works by Alessandro Teoldi, Anthony Iacono, Cai Zebin, Ivy Haldeman, Leelee Chan, Rachel Rickert, Rudy Cremonini, Sarah Faux, Tao Siqi, and Yan Xinyue. The installation underscores an inquiry into the veiled languages that hands provide and the capacity of hands to reflect and inform one’s understanding and imagination of the world as vehicles of communication and emotions. Through an abundance of techniques, a manifold of hands whether explicit, sitting in swashes of color, elegantly displayed, quietly speaking, sensually open, passively resting; or implied as traces in the artists’ act of shaping conveys cues occasionally more direct than if spoken. A certain kinship between artists working in various parts of the globe is constructed through the coded, omnipresent theme of hands that guide and extend outwards.